Apnoe – learn how to freedive

I provide many different achievements around freediving. No matter if you want to get in contact with the sport or want to explore other things of the freedive-universe – I assist you on the way.



As an Molchanovs Freediving Instructor I teach up to Molchanovs Wave 2. I also can teach SSI and AIDA.



You want to feel comfortable at your next wipe out? Get to know you body better and learn how to relax and hold your breath longer.



You can also book me for training sessions and as a buddy.

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You want to learn how to relax? I will show you on my Relaqua® classes.


Michael Knüppel

Freedive Instructor

Hi, my name is Michael …

Hi there, my name is Michael. I discovered my passion for freediving during a trip exploring the Hawaiian islands.

Two years later, I decided to make this passion my profession. I love everything about freediving or apnea diving and that’s exactly the feeling I bring across in my classes. I instruct according to the regulations and theory of Molchanovs, SSI Freediving and AIDA International.

To me, apnea is not just another form of diving, it is a way of life — you need to know your body well, be fit and be able to relax whenever you‘re in the water.

Since I am a yoga, pranayama and meditation enthusiast myself, I discovered Relaqua®. Being a certified Relaqua teacher allows me to give classes on conscious breathing, Relaqua® (breathing, floating, meditation in water) and classes that help to relieve and prevent stress in general.

Since I live in Siargao (Philippines) now I also offer Surf-Apnea courses. Here you can learn to stay calm at a wipe-out and become a more confident and better surfer.

Born and raised in Rostock (Germany), I found my new home in Santa Fe (Siargao, Philippines).

Leave your daily grind behind and (free)dive!

What is freediving?

Freediving is one of the most challenging extreme sports. Even if this form of diving seems to be impossible for most people at a first glance, almost everyone is able to do this sport. Being under water with a single breath of air for long periods of time, experiencing zero gravity and being completely with yourself – this is only possible while freediving.

When you follow the sport’s main rules, apnea diving is not more dangerous than any other sport. Of course, a superb introduction to freediving and proper training is key to master this sport.

I am focusing on instruct according to the purest of all freediving associations – Molchanovs. But I can also offer AIDA and SSI courses. After half a year in Egyt, plenty of courses in Germany and traveling the world, I now educate in Moalboal (Philippines). You can find my current classes here. A price list for the freedive classes can be found below.

Apnoe Taucher im Meer

Classes & Prices

All prices include sales tax (VAT) and possible entry fees.


If you are already a freediver and want to refresh or improve your skills, you are right here.

Together we will work on your freediving technique and also improve your ability to relax. The training sessions can be in pool or in open water. We can work on everything you like.

If you are just looking for a buddy, we just can enjoy the wonderful ocean in Siargao together at the buoy.

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Relaqua ® – Just relax

Relaqua® is a relaxation concept that has its origins in apnea diving. The key skill of an apnea diver is to be able to relax straight to the point. They are using a number of different techniques like meditation, the mammalian diving reflex, yoga and especially pranayama, the part of yoga that is specifically concerned with conscious breathing.

Germany’s freedive icon Nikolay Linder developed Relaqua®. It combines stress reduction, deep relaxation and meditation, elements that he took from professional training methods and made them accessible to everyone. Relaqua® is especially well received by people who enjoy being in water, like to be active and want to live a healthy life.

I offer the following Relaqua® classes: “The Conscious Breath”, “Relaqua® – Breathing, Floating, Meditation in Water” and “No-Stress”.

If you are interested in experience Relaqua® please just contact me.

Classes Seminars & Events

After teaching as an instructor for the ORCA Divecenter in Egypt, I offered a lot of courses in Germany. Furthermore I traveled to world and trained a lot in professional freedive centers.

Now I found my new home in Siargao (Philippines) and will offer freediving classes here all over the year. I run my courses in english and german. My main focus is relaxation and a proper technique.

Furthermore I will offer courses in the north of Germany as soon as regular traveling is possible again.

Additionally, I hold seminars on conscious breathing and stress reduction on request.

If you got any questions just use the contact form.