Amazing experiences in Mauritius

Mauritius is quite close to paradise for me. Warm weather, great nature, incredibly positive people and above all an amazing ocean. But that’s not the only reason, why I flew to this wonderful island in April. The Orca Diveclub Mauritius invited to a very special week. Under the guidance of Nikolay Linder and Fred Buyle there was a unique chance to improve apnea skills. Freediverheart – what more do you want?

Leran from the best

It was an unforgettable time. Seeing Fred move underwater and merge with the ocean was incredibly impressive and inspiring. Each of his tips became like a mantra for me. Then there was Nik, always in a good mood and so incredibly positive. The first time I met him I knew, that I had made the right decision, to do my instructor course with him in July. The way he manages to inspire and captivate people was just as impressive. Parallel to the diving week, I also did my SSI Freediving Level 2.

Sperm whales under water – greatest thing ever

But the highlight happened after the diving week. In a small group we went out to the ocean, to go freediving with sperm whales. It was by far the most impressive thing, I had experienced so far. Sometimes pictures say more than words. I will never forget this day and these magical moments in my life and I am eternally grateful to everyone who was there!

Picture: SloMod

SSI Level 2 & AIDA Freedive Instructor 🙂