Learn how to freedive in Moalboal (Philippines)

Restart in Moalboal

The year 2020 has probably not delivered for anyone what was expected before. I personally look back on a very exciting and thrilling year.

I could train for a long time in Panglao and improve my freediving skills a lot. In addition, I fell in love with my (since recently) wife and with the Philippines. We have been in Moalboal on Cebu Island for a total of four months during the lockdown. Now we will go back soon and settle down there.
Freedive courses in the Pacific

Freedive Courses in the Pacific

Of course I will continue to offer freedive courses in Moalboal. Already during my stay I fell in love with the varied underwater world. Wonderful reefs, colorful fish, water turtles, bait balls made of sardines and with a lot of luck also manta rays or a whale shark make every dive an experience. But of course it also goes into the depth. In Moalboal you can reach a depth of 50m without any problems.

All this paired with water temperatures between 25 and 31° Celsius make the freediving experience perfect.

So if you happen to be in the area or are planning a trip to the Philippines, feel free to stop by.

I mainly train according to the Molchanovs system, as this is the purest “freediving system”. But also courses according to SSI and AIDA are possible.

Soon I will move to my new home and I can’t wait to maybe welcome you there.

Full program in Rostock at the turn of the year!
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