Teaching Molchanovs and Surf-Apnea in Siargao

After my wife and I decided not to stay in Moalboal we now (hopefully) found our forever home.
We’re now living in Siargao. Starting october I will run Molchanovs Wave 1 & Wave 2 and Apnea-Surf courses. I mostly will teach in General Luna area but everything is possible.
I can’t wait to start and we are already exploring the ocean to find the best diving spots here.
Sometimes the water is a little rough here but it’s a challenge I will take to always comfort my students.

Not just courses – unforgetable adventures

Even though I will teach Molchanovs I don’t just want to make a random course like at other places. We will explore the beauty of Siargao and at the open water dives we will rent a boat to go out. Having lunch at a beautiful island and planning the next session there.
The main focus on my freediving courses will always be relaxation and a proper technique and I can guarantee a lot of fun.

I also will start my instagram page soon and most probably also publish my course dates there.

Can’t wait to see you at a course.


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