Less waves more Freediving in Siargao

Long time no update here but for sure we are still operating and to be honest more then ever before.
Even though conditions are not the best for freediving here in Siargao in winter we are running more courses then ever before.

We found a new partner for our pool sessions and in the meantime we also have the perfect spots for open water sessions for nearly every weather.

Waves are getting lower – come and freedive in Siargao

But good news – the weather is getting better and the waves gettin’ smaller. So freediving here in the surfing capital of the Philippines gets better and better every day.

Siargao is the perfect place to learn how to freedive. We are running Molchanov Wave 1 & Wave 2 courses on demand. But for sure on this island you not only have freediving. You always can go surfing, enjoy nightlife or just enjoy the chilled island life vibes.

Whatever it is you are looking for. Come to Siargao and start you freediving journey with us in one of our Molchanovs freedive courses.

Siargao – more and more Freediving in Paradise