Siargao – more and more Freediving in Paradise

It have been busy days here in paradise.

Since the ocean has amazing conditions right now there is a lot of work recently. In the last weeks there were several Molchanovs Wave 1 and Wave 2 courses here in Siargao. Also I made a lot of training sessions with freedivers that wanted to improve their techniques.

Furthermore I started renting out gear and started a cooperation with Sanghinga from Manila.

Still got more then two amazing months

Even if most of the locals looking forward to the comeback of the big waves – we freedivers still have more then two good months with great conditions. The Freediving community in Siargao is getting bigger and bigger and once the Olympic Pool in Dapa Sports Complex is fixed, I will run a regular training there. Since I am AIDA, SSI and Molchanovs instructor – I will combine the best from all associations there like I also do it in my courses.

BTW – if you are a surfer freediving is also interesting for you. With the ability to hold your breath longer and to know your body better you gonna be more relaxed on the board and your surfing will imporve.

Looking forward to the next weeks with already a lot of courses. If you wanna join and learn how to freedive or improve your skills – just contact me.

You want to improve your freediving? I can help you
Less waves more Freediving in Siargao