You want to improve your freediving? I can help you


Freediving is a very complex sport. But in my mind there are two major skills to really enjoy freediving and be able to become part of the ocean. It is relaxation and equalization. If you are struggling with a proper equalization there are amazing videos and exercises that I send everyone that contacts me. Because if all is good with EQ we can handle the rest in a coaching session.

Since the Philippines finally opened their borders tourists coming back to Siargao and more people contacted me about training sessions, which I actually did not offered. But recently I gave it a chance and the result have been two amazing sessions, two super happy students, incredible new PBs and a new Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver.

Relaxation is the key

One of my speciality is relaxation and this is the most important skill for a freediver – to be able to relax on point. So the first session started with some breathing theory, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and meditation. After, we had an amazing first open water session with one buoy set up for both of them and new PBs for both of the students. After the session Ronja  asked if it might be possible to make the Molchanovs Lap 2 to Wave 2 upgrade. After I saw her freediving and her progress within only one session I said that we can try but without any pressure.

So we met again two days later. At first we made a nice pranayama session right at the ocean to prepare for the dive and to calm down and then we went into the ocean. At stunning conditions Ronja and Aurélien made this session amazing. No matter if a new PB of 31m for Aurélien or perfect rescue, beautiful freefall and chilled 28m for Ronja – both changed and improved their diving so much within two sessions. We ended up with some CNF and in the end Ronja is a proud Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver now.

What about you? Which skill you want to improve? Just DM me.

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