The swell is gone – let’s go freediving


Long time since the last news and for sure tons of things has happened.

If you haven’t heard, super typhoon Odette hit our beautiful island with winds of up to 300km/h in december last year. It was a nightmare – so many people lost erveything and the island will not look the same for years. But it was also a point where you could see how amazing Siargao`s community is. People from everywhere helped and so everyone did what she or he could do.

We also did our part and got to know a lot of amazing people on the way.

Back in the ocean – freedive and forget

It took a while to get back in the ocean – to be honest it was the beginning of may. The ocean was still pretty choppy but after two training sessions I set the first “Pre Odette Courses”. It was a Molchanovs Wave1 and a Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediving course (which BTW was the first Molchanovs Wave 2 course ever in Siargao). What should I say? It was amazing.

The students did their best at the sometimes rough conditions – but if you can enjoy freediving at this conditions everything else will be like a bathtub 😉

So in the end I had two amazing and happy students and finally found a perfect spot for the open water sessions. Surrounded by two beautiful islands I found an about 35m deep spot with crystal clear water. Since then I am visiting this place quite a lot with students and friends. Freediving helped me to forget what happened, too.

Siargao (Philippines) is still definetely worth a trip and the swell is gone so we have amazing conditions for learning how to freedive in paradise. So if you are interested in freediving in Siargao just contact me – I teach Molchanovs but I am also SSI and AIDA instructor – so you get the best out of all associations. I guarantee you relaxation, a great time and for sure big progress.

First Molchanovs Wave 1 Course in Siargao and more to come
You want to improve your freediving? I can help you